“I’m No Expert, But…”

How many times a week do you hear this statement? How often do you use it?

I’ll admit to saying it, and I think we all have. It seems harmless and it’s become a common enough expression, but there is a bit of a dark truth hidden behind it. The fear to express an opinion. There certainly are topics where it takes a certain level of expertise to express yourself with any validity (medicine or physics, for example) but in the majority of things that affect our daily lives, that simply isn’t true.

Not being an experienced professional in a subject should not preclude you having an opinion about it.

Crime. Unemployment. Fiscal policies. Foreign relations. Television programming. Censorship. Privacy. Everyone has ideas to share about these things, and they should be shared. Simply shrugging them off with that phrase in the title will never aid in progress, satisfaction, or change. We have a voice and the freedom to use it. Say what you think.

Be heard. You won’t regret it.


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